InfoUtility is a company in charge of providing Consulting in projects related to Information Technology and Integral Solutions.

We seek to contribute to create value for your company, helping you to select the most appropriate technology for your needs. And thus become strategic partners in this area.

The importance of having permanently updated information, the integration of the different business areas, the permanent communication with customers and suppliers worldwide and the dizzying pace of business make information technology an unavoidable field.

Through our quality standards, professionalism, the creativity we bring to our solutions and fundamentally the commitment we assume with our clients and their success, allows us to affirm with certainty that our services will provide an important added value to your business.

Vision and Mission


Supplier par excellence of the best technological solutions, enjoying the trust and satisfaction of its customers.


To become the best strategic partner of our clients, advising them and providing them with integral solutions in the area of high technology.

Our team

We have a group of highly qualified professionals, who advise the client, from the moment of the definition of the Information Technology (IT) architecture to its implementation and development, including the control of systems and services.

Based on our philosophy, we assume both the responsibility of advising the customer and the responsibility of building the solution and equipping it.


Development of custom software solutions for mobile, web and desktop applications. According to the needs of our customers.


Design and management of technological infrastructure to support applications and high processing data centers.


Process optimization solutions for organizations, such as BPM and RPA implementation.


Big Data Analytics for unstructured information. Generating descriptive, predictive and prescriptive tools.