Easy is a mobile distribution app created to provide its customers with home delivery services. It is an intuitive and easy to manage tool, which allows for scalable growth.

It provides your customers with an easy way to place their orders and access your products, facilitating the creation of combos, offers, coupon management, among others.

It has a Web platform for administration and configuration, which facilitates the management of offers and updating of products and prices in an easy and simple way.

It has an optional motorist management module, which includes recruitment process, route suggestion and order confirmation.

Easy is a useful tool not only in home service delivery, but also a valuable asset in generating information about your customers' behavior.


Development of custom software solutions for mobile, web and desktop applications. According to the needs of our customers.


Design and management of technological infrastructure to support applications and high processing data centers.


Process optimization solutions for organizations, such as BPM and RPA implementation.


Big Data Analytics for unstructured information. Generating descriptive, predictive and prescriptive tools.