Document Management System (Solom)

SOLOMON is a portal that allows you to create, manage and streamline the workflows of any process, seeking to make them more efficient, generating savings by eliminating the total dependence on paper. The manager allows you to manage all documents in Acrobat format (pdf), safeguarding the security and integrity of the information.

It has digital electronic signature functions, providing security in each part of the flow, and guaranteeing the integrity of the stored documents.

Correspondence Management System

Document entry control system, which allows registration and digitization of incoming correspondence, providing a single repository for consultation and access control to documents, avoiding the loss of physical documents or their manipulation. It can integrate electronic signature functions to prevent document alteration.

Library for electronic signature integration

We provide integration components for the use of advanced electronic signatures, for the incorporation of signature libraries to our clients' existing systems, or by using our electronic signature components.


Development of custom software solutions for mobile, web and desktop applications. According to the needs of our customers.


Design and management of technological infrastructure to support applications and high processing data centers.


Process optimization solutions for organizations, such as BPM and RPA implementation.


Big Data Analytics for unstructured information. Generating descriptive, predictive and prescriptive tools.