Application for issuing electronic invoices, provides management options and basic control of products, oriented to small businesses.

  • Android Mobile App for issuing electronic invoices.
  • Consultation and Registration of Issued Invoices
  • Format customization including your company logo
  • It is endorsed and issued by an authorized FEL Manager.
  • Web version of Profile management

Point of Sale and Warehouse System

System for the control and management of warehouse movements according to the following modules. Integrating the use of code reading devices.

Platform for use in cash points, allows the administration of sales and products in the same, interface to existing inventory system.


Integrated business management system, allows complete tracking control of your business operations, it has different modules that can be added individually according to the needs of your operation.

  • Management of cash registers and collection points
  • Customer Registration
  • Administration module
  • Integrated accounting
  • Inventory Module
  • Payroll Module
  • Project Management Module
  • Customer Service Portal
  • Training Portal
  • Service Administration Customer Service Kardex Control


Library for electronic invoice integration

We provide integration components for electronic invoice issuance, which allows our customers to continue using their current systems incorporating functionality from our electronic invoicing libraries. In an easy and agile way.


Development of custom software solutions for mobile, web and desktop applications. According to the needs of our customers.


Design and management of technological infrastructure to support applications and high processing data centers.


Process optimization solutions for organizations, such as BPM and RPA implementation.


Big Data Analytics for unstructured information. Generating descriptive, predictive and prescriptive tools.